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What’s in your garage? There’s as many answers to that question as there are drivers. You probably chose your vehicle because it fits your lifestyle and what you care about. Your auto insurance can do the same.

I’m your local Farmers agent Brian W Dudgeon, and I work with individuals and families in Stillwater, OK. I provide my customers with the information they need to select auto coverage that reflects how they want to protect their vehicles and assets.

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Main Types of Auto Coverage

Getting the right auto insurance coverage can help ensure you are covered adequately. Learn about the different types of auto insurance coverageLink Opens in New Tab and what they can help protect you from.


Liability coverage covers the expenses of injuries or damage to others’ things when you’re at fault. This coverage is required by law in nearly all states. 


Collision coverage protects you against the expense of repairing or replacing your own car if you are at fault. It covers accidents with other cars, things, and animals.


Comprehensive coverage covers your vehicle for loss caused by things besides a collision. These include theft, vandalism, hail, fire, and animal damage. Learn more about the difference between collision and comprehensive coverageLink Opens in New Tab, and what each can specifically offer you.

Some Ways to Customize Your Policy

Towing and Roadside Service

If your car is disabled and you require towing or roadside assistance, Towing and Roadside Assistance can assist you with towing and services such as tire changes, locksmith help, and jumpstarts.

Rental Car Reimbursement

Rental Car Reimbursement reimburses you for the cost of renting a vehicle while your automobile is being repaired.

Guaranteed Value™

If you car is a total loss, Guaranteed Value™ pays you a defined, agreed-upon value.

Customized Equipment

With Customized Equipment, the cost of repairing or replacing aftermarket equipment like infotainment systems and custom rims is covered.


Collision coverage ensures that you are not left to pay the full cost of repairing or replacing your own car if you are at fault. It covers accidents with other cars, objects, and animals.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage protects you from losses caused by things other than a collision. Theft, vandalism, hail, fire, and animal damage are all examples of events that can result in vehicle loss.