Home Insurance Agent in Stillwater, OK

Your home says a lot about you and where you’re headed. It’s where life unfolds and memories are made. Perhaps you can’t imagine living anywhere else. But does your home coverage reflect what really matters to you?

I’m Brian W Dudgeon, and I work with individuals, families, and small businesses in Stillwater, OK.

As your local Farmers agent, I can help you understand your options for insuring your home and everything in it.

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What Does Home Insurance Cover?


Damage to the structure caused by sudden, unavoidable events like fire, wind, lightning, falling objects and vandalism is covered by dwelling insurance. This is the coverage that most homeowners think of first when it comes to obtaining insurance.


Contents coverage covers what’s inside your house. From furniture to appliances, to cooking utensils and other gadgets. If a covered calamity destroys or loses these items, contents coverage can help you pay for new ones.


Liability coverage is the third component of your homeowners insurance policy. It provides protection from losses in the event that someone gets injured or damages their property and you are financially responsible. This coverage goes outside of your home as well, and follows you wherever you go in the world.

Some Ways to Customize Your Policy

Farmers Smart Plan Home

Smart Plan Home polices can easily help you to protect your home how you want to. You choose one of three home insurance plans, after which you customize with your own preferences.

• Standard: Provides you with affordable coverage, as well as protection for what’s most important to you.

• Extended: Provides expanded coverage and replacement expenses for the contents and roof of your house.

• Premier: Provides guaranteed home replacement compensation as well as the greatest personal property limitations.