Farmers Life Insurance Agent in Stillwater, OK

Who depends on your income for their wellbeing? How are you helping protect their financial futures? My name is Brian Dudgeon , and I work with individuals, families, and small businesses in Stillwater, OK. Life insurance may be one of the most important insurance coverages to consider for your family. Knowing you have the coverage you want can help you face financial fears with confidence that you’re providing financial support for those you’d leave behind. I want to understand your goals and discuss options so you can select the products you want, such as term life, whole life, or universal life insurance.

Why Life Insurance?

Mortgage Debt

It takes more than a good alarm system to keep your family’s home safe. For most of us, a house is the most expensive purchase we’ll ever make, and a mortgage the biggest debt we’ll ever owe. Life insurance benefits might help your family preserve the home you worked so hard to acquire. Call me today to assist you in financially preparing for tomorrow.


Raising a child is, without a doubt, a major financial commitment. Parents must purchase a variety of items for their children, including food, clothing, trips, and education. A personal tragedy might become a financial catastrophe without life insurance. Let me help you review your needs and select a solution.

Future Income

Who relies on you right now, and in the future? Are you saving money for your spouse? Assisting a family member who has special needs? When you apply for life insurance now may help your loved ones by providing financial assistance after you’re gone. I can assist you in determining what sort of life insurance you require and how much coverage you want.


People can be a company’s most valuable asset and its most costly liability. You may use life insurance to help you mitigate the loss of key personnel, pay for the transfer of a business when one owner or partner dies, or retain skilled staff as a long-term benefit. As a business owner, I understand just how vital preparation for these matters is.

Life Insurance Options

Term Life

It’s the most basic form of life insurance, and it is frequently the least expensive to start.

• Provides coverage for the length of time that you pay your premiums, usually up to age 90.

• Premiums that won’t change for the first 10 to 30 years of coverage, and then increase yearly as you age

• Can be quite popular with younger families that require a lot of coverage but have yet to reach their peak earnings.


Whole life insurance is meant to last your entire life.

• Coverage is provided up to the age of 121 years, as long as all required premiums are paid.1.

• Premiums never rise from the time your policy is issued to the day it is no longer necessary at age 100.

• Initial premiums are higher than term insurance, with funds accumulating within the policy as cash value.

• Whole life is the most conservative form of permanent life insurance, with guaranteed level premiums, guaranteed cash value accumulation, and a guaranteed death benefit2.

Future Income

Like whole life, universal life insurance offers the potential of life-long coverage, to age 121. But it allows flexibility in the timing and amount of premiums3, and allows you to adjust the death benefit amount. 

• You select how much premium to pay, within the policy’s limits. This payment is made into a separate account in the policy and offset by the cost of the coverage each month. As long as there is enough value in the account to cover the deductions, your insurance continues in force.

• You can increase the cash value of your policy by paying a greater premium.

• You may reduce or even freeze premium payments while things are tough as long as there is sufficient cash value to cover policy costs.